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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fuel Saver --Where did my Carburetor go ?

Fuel Saver --Where did my Carburetor go ? by Bud W

Where did my Carburetor go ? The carburetor is part of the engine that blends air and fuel for internal combustion engines which is a great fuel saver. The carburetor had jets and metering rods allowing adjustments for tuning the engine and getting the best fuel savings. They are still used today but mostly on motors other then automobile. Like motorcycles, airplanes, lawnmowers, tractors, weed eaters, jet skis, snow blowers and boat motors and older cars. The sidedraft carbs replaced the downdraft one because of engine design and operation. The carburetor was invented by Donat Banki and Janos Csonka in 1893 and was improved over the years and then finally replaced sometime at the end of the 1970s with fuel injection. There were several types of carburetors, there were one barrels, then 2 and 4 barrel carbs. Some hotrods would supped up to 3 two barrel carbs and some with 2 four barrel carburetors. There were different carburetors made for different uses like some were up drafted, some the air entered below the carburetor and exits thorough the top, which kept the automobile from flooding, and increasing fuel savings. Carburetors were used in the past on cars and trucks, but were replaced with fuel ejection systems. This, in my option, was a big mistake and a scam on the population. The carburetor was much more fuel efficient then today's fuel injection systems. Almost anyone could repair or replace a carburetor, but today it takes a trained Tec. to change a fuel ejection system at great expense to the owner. Also anyone could adjust the fuel mixture on a carburetor making the engine run lean saving fuel. There were many claims of getting anywhere between 40 and 100 miles to the gallon with some of these carburetors, so it was not advantageous for the big oil companies which in those days encouraged people to use more fuel. If you are my age you will remember all those commercials about putting a tiger in you tank. Today it is put every thing you earned this week in your tank. You notice they don't have to spend all those advertising dollars anymore to sell you fuel. They are saving millions on advertising and more millions from the outrageous prices they are charging at the pumps. Fuel mileage never increased to the better after switching to fuel ejectors from the carburetor either. My small pickup truck still only gets 15 miles to the gallon and is a six cylinder. I had a 48 ford pickup truck with a flat head 8 cylinder engine that got just as good mileage. I sold that truck with over 100,000 miles on it and it still ran great. The cost for a fuel ejection system is much more expensive then a carburetor and adds a lot more cost to the price of an automobile. Even if fuel injection saved fuel the money you are suppose to have saved in fuel savings is lost on the cost of the vehicle. The end result is no monetary savings for the consumer at all. So let us give them the benefit of the doubt and say that fuel injection is a fuel saver but the cost of the system is still too high compared to the carburetor. So how else can we save fuel? There are products out there that are good fuel savers like Ultimate-me2, which can be found at This product allows you to save at least 13% or more on the total cost of gasoline and diesel fuel by adding a small amount to your fuel system. There are many other benefits from these types of products that save fuel. They clean your engine while giving you more horsepower, and because the fuel burns more efficient it reduces the emission going into or air giving us a cleaner environment. It is my belief that had auto companies kept the carburetor system in place that we would see a lot more fuel savings with these new additives that are on the market today. You may ask on what is my option based. Well let me say that I am using Ultimate-me2 in my lawn mower and am getting a 50% increase of use with a gallon of fuel with the lawn mower using a carbonator. The bottom line is the carburetor was and still is a great energy fuel saver. http//


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