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Monday, November 20, 2006

Gas Additives Do They Work

Gas Additives Do They Work
By: Ken Flegel

After doing a lot of extensive research on gas saving devices,
being advertised we have proven to ourselves which ones actually
work and which ones do not work and can actually damage your

After evaluating and testing more than 50 alleged gas- saving
devices, we have found that only a few improve mileage.

The products that are on the market today consist of air-bleed
devices, vapor-bleed devices, liquid injection devices, ignition
devices, fuel line devices, mixture enhancers, internal engine
modification devices, magnets, fuels and fuel additives, oils
and oil additives, and driving habit modifiers. Where as we
could not test all of them we did find that some are much better
then others, I would personally not use anything that modifies
the engine. Also a lot of the liquid additives are hard to
measure and messy to use. I personally like anything that comes
in a pill form, no muss no fuss. I am not here to per mote any
particular product to you only to give my personal opinion on
our own independent tests.

The EPA evaluates or tests products to determine whether their
use will result in any measurable improvement to fuel economy.
Always make sure the product you are using is EPA registered.

Many of the products have testimonials by satisfied customers. I
find the best testimonial there is will be your own. For me I
have to prove it to myself.

When doing these tests you must be consistent in your driving,
the way you drive your car and the condition of your car is
going to make a difference in the results you get.

One more very important factor If you have already purchased a
gas-saving product and you are not satisfied, contact the
manufacturer and ask for a refund. An honest company offers a
money-back guarantee.

I hope this information has been helpful and if you would like
a more in depth report please contact.

Save Money On Gas

Ken Flegel (306) 545-4535 or (306) 501-7424


About the author:
Ken Flegel works as a certified electronic technician , part
time mechanic, and purchaser for the local school board. One of
his responsibilities is the purchasing of the fuel for all the
board's vehicles therefore giving him extensive knowledge in
fuel quality, condition, and price.

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