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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Save Gas With A Electric Bike

Save Gas With A Electric Bike or even a Folding Bike

With the high cost of gas you might consider purchasing an Electric Bike or maybe even regular old Folding Bike. The cost to run either a far less of the conventional transportation methods. With most cars averaging only 15 to 28 miles per gallon you can't loose with by using an Electric bicycle or Folding bicycle.

For a review of the best Electric bikes and Folding bikes


Blogger Web said...

Here in the USA, most people only consider commuting by bike practical for commutes of 3 miles or less. Certainly most electric bikes can go this far but where do you put the bike when you get to your destination?

Folding bikes are a better choice because they can be taken on the bus, subway or even stored in your car trunk. When you get to your destination, just fold it up and take it inside.

Larry Lagarde
Urging bicycling for recreation, commuting, health and a better future.

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